Wednesday, November 12, 2008

baking clothes

With the rains come an inability to dry anything.. The kids clothes continue to hang on the line but remain wet. i need the Botswana sun!!! I have taken for granted the power of the sun here in Botswana. you can put out a load of sopping wet clothes to dry and it might take an hour to dry all of them.. And then it rains for the first time in 9 months and you have laundry hanging all over the house.. this morning Jacob was prepared to go to school in a soaking wet uniform, so we put it in the oven to dry... I never realized how well that worked. And althought Jacob went to school looking as if someone had put out a pack of cigarettes on his shirt, he went dry...

The children of Mmangkdodi were unable to put on a christmas pageant for me yesterday due to the rain.. So the plan is to do it next week...
Jacob has a double header in softball this evening, so we are very excited about having to actually play a few games.. My team is ready! Unfortunately, the games are only 2 innings long, so as soon as the kids feel comfortable, it's over.
Michelle continues were teaching in Ghanzi, she said she was talking with all of the workers of the lodge about american politics and Barack Obama... Everyone here calls him "Uncle".

The sun is creeping through the clouds as Frannyand maura play with puzzles.. I am about to take Maura to school. Jude is still sound asleep upstairs.. He had a difficult time last night due to the lightning and thunder.

I guess that's it for today.. Tomorrow, I 'll post a video of some of my drive to mmankgodi. Last night I packed some bags for our trip back home.. I realized we have lived here for a year and a half with's been nice.