Sunday, November 9, 2008

our home becomes a day care..

Kate has Maura napping on our living room floor because that is what the schedule calls for.. this morning she has taught maura(the excellent student in teacher Kate's words) symmetry and how to spell butterfly.. Maura is relaxing on the floor reading quiet books while classical music plays in the background... This is Kate at her best... She does this stuff at least once a day.. And when it occupies the little ones for the majority of the morning.. it's a bonus..

I am listening to my favorite radio station(WMKV 89.3 Cincinnati).. the old folks station.Right now they are playing "Love on a Greyhound Bus" by Guy Lombardo..
Everytime I listen to this station I want to pull my pleated wool pants up over my belly button and smoke a pack of Pall Malls, while mustering up some refreshing JELLO for the kids... What a great station. At least it's great here during the day.. I know late, late, late night at home is when they play the best music.

I just took Michelle up to the clinic, she is now on the road to Ghanzi to teach a class for the week... I already miss her.

The kids and will perhaps take a little game drive this afternoon to pass the time.
Busy week here in gabs as there are several softball games as well as getting things tied up before we head back.. I'm sorry that our adventures have been extremely lacking lately.. We'll have one more big hurrah in a week and a half.. Chobe once more.

Mom... right now they are playing... "Rendesvous with a Rose" by none other than the Eddie Duchen (sp?)!!!!!. You gotta love Eddie..

Ok... all for now all you dames and fellows... I gotta get me a cup of joe before nap time is over here at "eckerle day care".