Monday, November 24, 2008

monday morning in Gabs

The rain has moved away... it stayed around long enough to dampen our game viewing experiences over the end of last week...Now it's hot again.. Makes things feel normal. The twins are reading books on the ground and the kids just left with michelle for school. This is the last full week of school for the kids.. next week is fun days with galas, celebrations, etc..

Maura and the twins have been prancing around the house for the past 3 weeks singing christmas/religious songs thanking Jesus for everything under the sun..

We had a few friends over last night who have little ones as well and who have just arrived from the U.S. They are really great and our kids and their kids seem to get along extremely well.. It's too bad that we are catching them in the last part of our stay here.. I knew our time here was over when Michelle started dispensing out all of our malaria medicine to them.

On a much more serious note.. I received a note from my brother regarding the status of my mom.. Apparently, the nurses are surprised that my mom even made it through the first night she was in the hospital. She has come a long way and seems to continue to get better... Again, they are baby steps, but they are steps in the right direction... She was taken off the ventilator and is now breathing fully on her own..she is off the BP medicine and things seem to have stabilized.. There is some serious concern about her hands, and that is something that will be addressed. We continue to play computer tag with family... Thank God for the internet. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and she continues her road to recovery.

I leave you today with a video slideshow made by Kate... Yesterday, she kept busy by opening a hair salon, making cribs for her baby dolls, doing a leopard project(on Word), helping Maura compose a "colorful" Zebra project, and creating a video slideshow of our trip to Madikwe. It is well done, I did nothing except help her download the music and tell her how to make the opening and closing credit pages...
I love the music choice... Enjoy! the music is so fitting for the images..