Monday, December 8, 2014


Went to a boxing match yesterday with a friend of mine.. It was a great cultural event.. It was held at the Lilongwe Community Center.. which is basically a giant open field with a grandstand. They had women on the side frying up potatoes and sausages, coolers full of beer and sodas.. The ring was outside and the bouts were scheduled to start at 1pm.. We tailgated a bit, hung out at the Sinama Hotel and arrived at 2.. and waited until 3 for the first bout to start.. I think we watched 4 fights, each lasting 4 rounds each.. It cost me 1$ to get and the beers were 1$ as well.. just like a bengals game.. Totally entertaining and totally worth the 5 hours spent in the blazing sunshine. We were the only foreigners there and stuck out like a sore thumb.. That is pretty normal here.

Below is a photo from the bouts and a video of some of the action.. The picture of the blue plastic bags is the order of chips(fries) and sausage I ate at the boxing matches.. they were good.. but served in a bag.. Also below is a photo of a note I received on Friday night from our server at the Chinese restaurant we frequent.. The policy here is that tipping is greatly appreciated as waiters don't make any money whatsoever ... so if you do tip 10% is adequate..  I don't think most people tip at all.  Anyway, the server slipped me this note, asking me that if I wanted to tip, to put it under the tablecloth.. If his manager/ boss sees that he receives a tip, they take it away from him..  Absurd, but true..  I slipped his tip under the table as we left.

Ok, busy week this week as we finish out the first semester before Christmas break.. needless to say, kids are excited.. I'm not sure what we are going to do with a month off, but it'll be fun.

Hope all is well back home.
note from waiter..i think the gist of the note was.. please be discreet with possible tip

View from the grandstands

Fries and beef sausage..