Sunday, December 14, 2014

Boredom, heat sets in fast..

You know how after about 5 days on Holiday break everyone gets a little bored and kids start lying around complaining there's not a thing to do?? Well, that came at about 15 hours into our 1 month long holiday break... My kids looked me square in the face and said, "we are bored". I , being a responsible, creative and wonderful father, told them to find something to do.. I gave them the long speech about how being bored is good, how being bored breeds creativity, how "when I was your age, we didn't have computers, iPods, etc.. ".. so I made them turn off all their devices, find something to do and within 20 minutes, we were all laying on my bed bumming around... I eventually fell asleep and took a 30 minute nap.. We couldn't help it.. it's just too hot to do anything.. We rattled off a few ideas, but none of them sounded good to anyone.. We didn't even eat dinner last night it was too hot...

On a side note.. I get to grow my beard back this month.. I feel like a Cincinnati red from the 80's.. The facial ban is not in effect during the school break so I'm letting it loose!!

I woke up this morning and reminded myself that I am lucky to have this time off with the kids.. that I need to step up the parenting game and make this time off worthwhile for the kids..One of the great perks of being a teacher..
 Or, we can do what i did as a kid and lounge around, fight, play games and watch tv.. We'll see how it goes..
Our kids are doing great though.. Kate has a tight knit group of friends, Jude had a few friends over Friday for a sleepover and Franny and Maura really love their school. So, all is well. I think this could be a long month though, considering there really isn' t much to do.. We will probably do a ton of swimming until family arrives.. which we all are very, very excited about.

The weather is causing some havoc with the natural order of things.. Usually by this time , it has rained enough and people have planted their crops and all is well.. No one has planted anything yet.. fields are prepared and ready to go, but everyone is awaiting the rain.. Michelle said that when the rain comes, the hospital empties out, because everyone goes to their fields to plant.. It doesn't matter how sick you are.. People don't seem desperate, but you can tell they are worried.. We receive warnings from the Embassy stating to keep a watch on your personal property and when going around town.. Obviously with this type of problem, petty theft/ crime rises as people try to make ends meet.. Let's hope for some rain..

Michelle is working all weekend. She was at the hospital until 10 last night, then was called back in at 5 this morning.. Don't know when we will see her today. She is doing procedures and medical techniques that she's never tried at home, and I think really enjoying the challenge.. I think she loves the work..  It's very taxing though and I think the commitment in time there can be too much. I'll be glad when she gets a few days off and can head to the lake with us over the holiday.

Kids are showering now.. might have to shower again later.. Jude has been running a high fever for a day so we may end up testing him for malaria as well. He seems better this morning though. He peeled off an inch of dirt off of his chest last night and showed it to me.. "dad, what's this?" i told him it looked like a weeks worth of dried sweat.. It's hot here..

This afternoon we will head to our swimming club, have some chips and a coke, then meet up with Michelle (hopefully) at a jazz concert out at a local bar/ nursery..

We were supposed to go see "it's a Wonderful Life" last night at a local pub, but apparently they have put a halt to many of their events.. Rumor around town is that a group of Americans got into a bar fight with some locals at the place, so they've toned down their events.. Leave it up to the Americans to spoil it for everyone.. Too bad , the place is a cool little joint that we'll frequent when Bob,Rebecca and Jacob get here.... Peace Corps volunteers are not allowed to step foot in the place (order of Peace Corps)..

Ok, all for now I think.. Photo is a typical side road outside of town.. Happy Sunday everyone..