Tuesday, August 5, 2008

salt pans trip , mauras video plus more tomorrow

Michelle and Jacob arrived last night after a long a dusty trip to the earth's version of the moon. The pictures are amazing, nothing I've ever seen before.. It sounded like they had a great trip... And Jacob enjoyed his 30km/time with his friends....

They stumbled on petrified flamingo eggs, elephant tracks, and baobob trees that are 4000 years old.. Apparently, some of the trees had huge boulders in the branches of them, that had been picked up by the tree as it grew over time. Bob and I head there next week.I'm sure the photos don't do the place justice, it looks totally surreal
Here's a video slideshow of their trip.

Bob is in Zim with Celeste, and Michelle has taken anotherplane ride to a remote village somewhere.. I live the adventurous life, and am getting ready to head out to the grocery store, then off to pick up the kids from school. Jealous?

All is well.. I will have Maura's performance from school up tomorrow.. Sorry for the delay, but I have run into some technical difficulties...
Enjoy the photo slideshow from the pans walk.. My plan is for Michelle to write a little more about the trip in days to come.