Friday, August 8, 2008

bob returns

We picked up Bob and Celeste last night at the bus station, it seemed the trip was a very good one. I'll try and have Bob write a small, uplifting paragraph or two about the state of Zimbabwe... But I know Celeste had a good time being home with family.
Today's agenda is to prepare for our weekend in Khama Rhino Sancutary, and then a night in the salt pans..
I won't be back til Tuesday, so the Blog will take a short break...

The following weekend, we take off for our big trip... Swaziland, Lesotho, and St. Lucia, South Africa.
Here's some site for you to look at about the trip..In Swaziland we are staying in an old dairy farm, and going to try and do some white water rafting..maybe ,
Here's where we are staying in Lesotho - (check out the photo pages.)
and info about St. Lucia-

All for now.. be back in a few days.. The photos are Katie taking a jump and the three little ones in the waiting of their school.

Ok, all for now..