Friday, January 16, 2009

michelle gets published!!!

Michelle has her name in the NYTimes.. She wrote a great piece regarding our experience running the Soweto marathon, and I must say, it looks pretty damn good.
Here's a link to it..

I,on the other hand, have not been published and am currently sporting an "Uncle Al" hat playing "fairies and pirates" with the three little ones.. They are currently in a shouting match regarding who will kiss the fairy to wake her up from her sleep.. I got out of the whole thing by telling Jude(Pirate #1) that I was in "my ship".The ship being of course this chair and my computer. That got me out of moving around and able to type this little bit on the blog. Kids are so dumb...

It's cold as a mug here in CIncy.. -3 to be exact. I am listening to some tunes on a great site .... .. I just purchased an album, got an email/receipt, but no music.. I think it takes a day or 2. Anyway, it's a great site if you'd like to sample some great African music.

Tomorrow is an African festival at the Museum Center.. We plan on going and seeing the sites.. Kate has her first ever basketball game tonight.. can't wait for that... I hope she knows how to bounce a ball.